Our Vision

Jubilee Priesthood Centre is planted in the heart of Feltham which is known for having a high crime rate. We know that this may be due to broken hearts, broken homes and wasted potential. As a result, we see JPC  reducing crime rates by providing the light and salt necessary to preserve lives, by impacting our community through bringing direction and purpose to the young people and new leaders of the upcoming generation,by preaching and teaching the word of God with love and compassion. Our goal is to win souls to Christ, through the message of love to those that feel unloved. And we believe that this will cause us to see what we wish to see. And this is restoration in the midst of brokenness.

Hence JPC will seek to:

Impact the community

Creating awareness of our purpose for the community

Building relationships with other churches in the community

Meeting the needs of the people

We hope to provide the light and salt necessary to preserve the lives of people in Feltham

We hope to bring direction and purpose to many especially broken homes and young people on the streets

Reduction in crime

Restoration of broken homes

Proclaiming the Lordship of Christ

Uncompromisingly preaching and teaching The Word of God with love, in and outside JPC. (Colossians 4:5&6)

Membership classes will be taken seriously; members will be taught the simplest and effective way to share and proclaim the Lordship of Christ wherever they go.

Manifesting the healing power of God aided by effective and fervent intercessory prayers.

Physical, Emotional & Spiritual healing

Discipleship – Outreach and Evangelism shall be one of the hallmarks. We believe many will saved and discipled.

JPC in the next five years and beyond:


Spiritual growth like the Church in Acts of the Apostles. Members of JPC would have grown to a high level of spiritual maturity

Numerical growth; we shall see more people saved, baptised and added to the Church


To see revival within JPC

JPC will be a light to other churches

Ushering the presence of God in the entire community that will impact the city and the nation.



Godly servant leadership

Preaching and teaching based upon the undiluted word of God

Financial Responsibility


Intercessory prayer



Strong families

Praise and Worship

Portray Christ at all times

Christian education for all ages

Giving and tithing

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me,because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,to proclaim freedom for the captivesand release from darkness for the prisoners,” ISIAH 61:1