Okay guys! As you can see I am really behind on this bible journey. I started to procrastinate and ended up not doing it or at least not including you in the journey. For those of you who are on this journey with me, you will see that it is absolutely no joke. You have about 10 passages to read a day. As a result, I almost thought of giving up and going for the 2 year journey. But I
refuse to give up, this is a test that I really want to pass. A test of how much I value my spiritual walk and how committed I am to growing spiritually this year.

However, for me to be able to actually catch up today so that I can go into February being on track. I am going to have to give a really short summary. So you have to stay tuned for simple bullet
points and then from February 2nd onwards I hope to go into more depth.

If anyone else is in the same position as me. Don’t give up! But find a way to get back on track because it truly is worth it! And for those of you who are still on track! Well done and keep it up
I will be with you shortly!